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Artfire: A Happening Place


I’ve been sadly neglecting this blog and I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve been working on my Artfire store. There is so much to learn and so much to do. Isn’t it every crafter’s dream? Being their own boss, opening a store, selling the things that they love to make? I tried it on Etsy. I just jumped right in and hoped I was going to “make it”. I was an Etsy seller for over a year and doubt if anyone but me noticed that I was there. Oh, me and the Etsy bill collectors.   LOL.

Anyhow, I found Artfire and the more I read, the more impressed I was. First of all, I loved the fact that I could become a Basic member for free for as long as I wanted. This gave me time to get my feet wet, look around, get the feel of the place before I paid anything. I posted a few things and started reading Artfire’s 45 day startup help guide.

That’s the next thing I loved. There it was, in plain and simple language, everything I needed to do, help with setting up a nice looking shop, help with taking pictures, how to do anything and everything and organized on a day to day basis. 

 Organized! That’s the best part. No guessing as to what to do next. It’s all there in black and white. They WANT you to succeed.

So, I set up my shop, and BTW, it looked pretty cool to me with my own really nice banner and colors that set that banner off.  Go ahead, check out Strega Jewellry on Artfire!   

I looked around to see what other people were selling and how they had their shops set up. I checked out collections that were curated by other artisans. And right there, on my page, was a way to “tweet” collections I liked and to share them on Facebook. AND, I could tweet when I added a new item or share that on Facebook. How cool is that?

Artfire makes it SO easy to shop or to select items for collections. You can search by color, by keyword, or by artist. And when you search by color, you can do it with a keyword or you can select by choosing the EXACT shade you want from the color palette. Awesome!

I checked out forums and the Handmade News section. That’s another thing I liked. Handmade News.   Any member who has a blog can post in handmade news.   They share! They share marketing tips. They share tips on cool things to make for kids and they share things they are working on. Awesome!

 I noticed that most of the folks who posted in forums had signatures. How did they do that? Well, I went right to my handy Artfirfe help guides and found out! Artfire’s staff makes it so easy that even an amateur can look like a pro! I love that!

It took a few months for me to get up the courage to go PRO. I added some more items. I looked at other folks things. With the help of my handy Artfire help guides, I made it possible for people to add my item to their Amazon Wish List and to take Amazon payments as well as Paypal. I even changed my shipping profiles (with help from my tireless “guides”) so that I was not afraid to ship to Canada or anywhere else in the world! Wow! I FELT like a PRO!

I still haven’t sold much, but I am not discouraged. You know why? Because I have met some of the most awesome people who also sell on Artfire. I joined one of Artfire’s many guilds. The staff has provided space for sellers to create and manage guilds. Being a member of a guild makes me feel more professional. I become inspired by other’s work and by their lives and their friendship. I love the fact that Artfire encourages this. It’s not just the biggest and best sellers that get encouragement, it’s all of us. And guild members are not the least bit shy about telling where they got a particular component of their pieces. I’ve found new places to buy lampwork beads, focal pendants, get jewelry patterns and more! I’ve become inspired to work harder on newer pieces and to do better work. The fellowship in the community encourages this attitude.

The staff at Artfire is always working to help us succeed. Boot camp helped us all learn about social networking. There was such a flurry of activity on Twitter and Facebook and we all reached out and “liked” each other and my Facebook business page went from having 5 fans to 85!   Next time you’re on Facebook, look up Strega Jewellry.  Push my “like” button! 

Before bootcamp was over, the staff was working on yet another way to help us connect with each other, promote our work and get Artfire, its artists and our own work noticed. The Artfire Daily Collection was born. I love it! I’m excited every day to see which curator is chosen for the Daily and who wins the prize. Did I mention that the prize is a hundred dollars to spend at the shop of your choice? That helps not only the winner but another shop as well. It encourages the promoting of collections.   I’ve checked out collections my Facebook friends have posted and met more new people. I’ve learned more new things and found sellers who make things that my family and friends might like and gotten some great gift ideas.

Now, there is a contest for a blog. And, that is the reason for this particuar blog. Of course, this blog is to get referrals for more Artfire sellers. It’s also a great idea. It made me think of all the benefits of selling on Artfire, to take note of why I like it there and it gives me a chance to say why I like it.  So I did.   Try it!  You’ll like it too!

Become an ArtFire Pro with this link and get your 3rd month free!


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