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The Chosen One

This must be my lucky week!   First of all, I sold my first bracelet from my online store at Artfire!   I was beginning to think I would never get noticed!   There are so many jewelry artists online.   You almost have to have a gimmick to get noticed.   Anyhow, I sold this bracelet the day my first great grand daughter, Lillie was born.  Of course, I could not run right out and ship it because I had Tiny Tim for the day, then the day dragged into the night as Lillie took her sweet time.    I had to email this lady and tell her I could not ship till Thursday and thought to myself   “just great, my first sale and I have to make an excuse already…..won’t THAT be great feedback?”    Anyhow, Lillie finally got here…..

Miss "Lillie Fayre"

Tiny Tim and I drove up to the post office on Thursday and mailed the package……with a gift, for being the first customer and a VIP and for having to wait.  This is the bracelet that I sold.

Primary Colors Bracelet

Saturday, I had an email from JW in Ohio  who had this to say about my work. 

The package arrived and well the contents are just spectacular!  Such a burst of happy color to wear.   Winter won’t seem quite so dreary and long for sure!   Until this summer, I haven’t ever really bought things on line other than museum and travel tickets.  So glad you were there.”

So, I was on Cloud 9 already and thinking it couldn’t get much better than this.  

Then, an email from Artfire that told me one of my pieces had been chosen to be in a collection.   A collection is showcased on a prominent page and it is an honor to be chosen to be part of one.   This is THE CHOSEN ONE!

Ice flake crystal bracelet

Quartz is a master healing stone.  It also enhances the qualities of other stones.   It helps communication skills.   I hope this bracelet SINGS out from the pages and tells people that I love making my jewelry and they would love to wear it. 

This is the collection that features my bracelet.   What an honor to be among so many expensive and beautiful pieces.

What a Girl Wants!
Click here to see this great collection featuring your work


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