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Wearing Your “Colors”

The color of  the jewelry you wear adds to your vibrational energy.  Not only does it have an effect on you, but on how others perceive you.   So, let’s take a look at the color spectrum of  jewelry and stones.  If you don’t have one of the stones mentioned, try some beads  in the color you need and see how that works.    I’m going to put pictures  of both types as examples.   

Red is a strong physical and emotional color.  Wear it when you need a little physical boost.  Or,  put it on if  you feel shy,  weak or sensitive.   Keep in mind that red also has a strong sexual vibration, so watch out!   Too much of a good thing can lead to ……….well,  just watch out! 

red jasper fish

Red jasper,  garnets,  red coral and red agates are considered “red” stones.
This next piece is a simple necklace with a hammered silver focal strung on a red cord of Chinese knots. 

vry sleek and sensual

Pink is a very nurturing and soothing color.  It’s good for when you are anxious or just want to feel a little extra love.  The stones that are considered pink stones are rose quartz, rhodonite and rhodochrosite.     The only picture I have right handy is a bracelet crafted from pink Czech glass. 

"in the pink" bracelet

Mauve is a hazier, foggier shade of pink and has mystical overtones and energy.   Remember the mauve necklace I made for my “princess dress”?   One comment said I looked like a goddess.   That’s the mystical energy of mauve.  Lavender also has the same mystical,  emphemeral vibrations and fey qualities.   

Orange  is a high energy color of course as it is actually a variation of  red.   Orange is more stimulating and motivating and is good to wear when you are pushing  to achieve some goal.   It helps you become more successful with your plans.     Carnelian,  and Brazilian agate are considered orange stones.    Carnelian can be really orangey or it can be a deep brownish-orange color.   

carnelian on braided kumihimi cord

Wearing yellow enhances your communication skills.   Want to get a message across to someone?   Want to appear open and willing to talk?   Put on some yellow stones or yellow beads.    Gemstones that are considered “yellow” are citrine, topaz and some zircons.   Yellow is also a good color to wear if  you are “down in the dumps” and want to lift your mood.  It’s cheery and upbeat.   

This necklace is made from some yellow Swarovski butterflies I bought at a show and some wild beads I found in black and yellow that reminded me of  butterfly wings or bumblebees.   

cheerful butterfly necklace

Soothe your mood and balance your chakras with green stones.   Green reduces mental confusion and anxiety.   Natural stones that are green are malachite, aventurine, bloodstone,  chrysocolla and emeralds.   I do have pieces in some of these stones, but no pictures right now so I am using this picture of a favorite piece, a bracelet made from some green beads that I thought might be aventurine but wasn’t sure, some blue beads and plenty of charms.   The colors of the deep sea and all the fishy creatures makes it a happy and relaxing piece.   I call it “not the only fish in the sea”. 

Not the only Fish in the Sea

Need to be mentally sharp?   Want an intellectual edge?   Feeling fuzzy minded and want to clear your thoughts?   Wear blue stones.   Blue is an intellectual color that enhances creativity, helps with mental control  and keeps you intellectually sharp.   Blue is also a color that inspires trust when others see you wearing it.   Blue stones are turquoise, sodalite, lapis, and blue lace agate. 

sodalite pendant

Having a touch time relating to others, being empathetic?   Wearing purple or violet increases your sensitivity to the moods of  others and your awareness of those around you.   Wearing purple will send a message to others that you understand their feelings.   If you are already a sensitive and intuitive person, you may want to tone down your purple by wearing it with green or blue.   Amethyst and purple goldstone are two of the most common of these stones. 

Lavender, like mauve, has that foggier, mystical quality so if you are striving for an ethereal look, use shades of lavender.    

Faceted purple goldstone pendant

This little goldstone pendant is a favorite of mine.   I love purple goldstone.   With its deep color, you have to look close to see the sparkles of copper in the stone, but they are there and they shine like tiny stars. 

Wearing brown gives you a feeling of  ease and stability.   Wearing brown jewelry is like taking along your own security blankie!    Here is a piece of brown tigerseye made with and antique looking button for an accent and wrapped in copper.  

tigers eye donut

Black is a strong protective color.   It also fortifies other colors.   AND………black goes with everything!!  Yaaayyy!   Black stones:   jet, obsidian, onyx    This picture is a black onyx square.   I dressed it up with black and white material in a sort of    “pirate” mode.   

black onyx

Well, now are you totally confused?   Too much information at once?   Don’t be overwhelmed.   In general,  just remember these basics.  

If  you want to be energetic, motivated, dynamic, beautiful, and socially accepted, wear red or rose stones.   Those would be garnet,  coral, ruby, rhyolite, rose quartz. 

Feeling tired, overworked, under stress?   Wear earth stones:    tree agate, sard, sodalite, turquoise, amber, banded agate. 

Got decisions to make?   Wear green or blue stones:   malachite, azurite, lapis, blue lace agate, sapphire, peridot, chrysocolla.     

Good luck!!!


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  1. This is a fascinating post! I really enjoyed it. (Also tweeted it!) Best … Mary (at PrettyGonzo)


    Comment by PrettyGonzo | July 10, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thanks Mary! Glad you enjoyed it.


    Comment by stregajewellry | July 10, 2011 | Reply

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