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Oh, My stars!!!

Star light, star bright, Jessie’s found her Mr. Right……that’s how the shower invitations begin for my grandchild’s bridal shower.   There is a whole “theme” for the shower with stars and moons.  My daughter is so creative and she sure knows how to put on a theme party.   Back in the day, our friends and relatives showed up and we ate some sandwiches and cookies and played goofy games.   Now we have themes…….

Anyhow, it’s ten days to the showe and I get a call from my only daughter.  “Mother”……now, I know when she says “mother” it’s going to be bad news.  “I need party favors and they have to be some sort of star thing.   Help me”.  

Nobody handed out favors back in the day.  People came to give YOU gifts, not the other way around.  but I don’t argue.  I’m the mom and I’m supposed to be helpful. 

Well, didn’t I just jump right in and ask if she wanted me to make some earrings for favors.  That would be a really nice gift, I mean “favor”.   How many did she need?  A dozen?  

She informs me she needs 30 pair!   Thirty!   Do we even KNOW 30 people?   I’ve only got 10 days!    I stay calm.   On the phone I stay calm.   As soon as I hang up, I am rummaging through all my bead boxes and charms, trying to come up with as many stars and moons as possible.   They, of course, are different colors so then I have to look for matching beads.   By now, I’m starting to panic. 

I finally have a pile of beads, charms, chains and findings.  This is what I came up with.

simple spirals with stars

These are made with gold filled wire and chrysoberyl stars.  

shooting starz

hematite stars with tails


everything under the sun


blue moon with stars

the frog prince

I tried to sneak these little frog princes earrings in the pile, but my daughter would have none of that.



Anyhow, they are all done.   she put them into little gauze bags and put all the bags in a basket so people could take out a  bag with their favor.   Whew!  

my favorites


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  1. What wonderful wedding favors!


    Comment by Renee Sumner | July 21, 2011 | Reply

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