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The Princess Dress

My grand daughter is getting married.   All my other grands are boys, so I wanted a simply fabulous dress to wear outside to her garden wedding.

I dreaded the idea of trying to shop for something awesome on my flimsy budget. Then, I had a stroke of blind luck, or maybe it was that lucky emerald bracelet I wore to work. I picked out a lucky lottery ticket for a customer at the grocery where I work and he won $50. He told me to pick myself a lucky number and play the pick 3. I picked a number and he bought the pick 3 ticket, one for me and one for himself. I couldn’t believe it when my lucky number got drawn that night. I walked out with over $300 dollars! Time to shop!

My daughter in law and I headed to SHE the next day. It’s a smaller local business that has really unusual dresses. I got my dress for the Renaissance Faire at SHE years ago. I wanted something in a summer color, romantic, old fashioned, a fantasy dress. Even though I had to pass by the $500 dollar racks, it was so great to shop without looking too hard at the price tag.

I found this mauve dress with a lace jacket to cover my flimsy old senior citizen arms.

tah dah!!!!


I found a matching hat

trying on my new hat


I found this cute little beaded purse to match.

beaded purse: too cute


This grandson is very excited. He told his dad “Mimi has a princess dress”!

Mimi has a princess dress!


This grandson wants to know if I am “dating someone. Is that why you have such a pretty dress?” When I explained about the wedding, he wanted to know if he needed a date for the wedding. (where do they get these ideas at five years old? I thnk it is the litle kindergarten girls!)

a man in uniform should not have to worry about a date


Now, I need to make a necklace and earring set to match. I need something unusual of course, a little old fashioned but with modern beads and some silver. I need some sparkle, but not too much. I’ll be off to JoAnn’s Fabric. I still have money left, do you believe it?



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  1. Wow! you do look like a princess or a goddess! I can’t believe my little Jessie tomboy is old enough to marry. Give her my love and best wishes for a long happy marriage.


    Comment by Dee | July 25, 2010 | Reply

  2. Wow! Me, a goddess! Well, now that I think about it……..LOL


    Comment by stregajewellry | July 29, 2010 | Reply

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