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Rings 101

Where you wear a gemstone ring can make a big difference in how you receive external energy and also in the kind of energy you put out into the world.   This can be really confusing so I’m going to try to simplify as much as possible.

Your left hand is like a sensor.  It listens and receives energy.   Your right hand directs and conducts what you non-verbally express. 

First rule:   do not wear rings on your thumbs.   This blocks your chi.   thumbs are your free will agents and do not like their energy blocked.

Your pointer finger is associated with communications, goals, dreams and desires.

On your left pointer, wear lapis lazuli to receive inner wisdom.  Wear shells, mother of pearl, garnet or moonstone for a love of self and for self confidence.  Wear turquoise, sodalite, chrysocolla to calm and relax you.  Wear blue lace agate to wash away depression.

On your right pointer, wear lapis to share wisdom and knowledge.  Wear shells, mother ofpearl and moonstone to direct your love of humanity and of self to appear loving and confident.  Wear blue lace agate to exude energy that opposes depression.

blue lace agate


Your middle finger can speak volumes without a ring!  Disregarding the traditionally well-known extension, your middle finger is metaphysically associated with intuition and inspirations. 

On your left middle finger, wear amethyst to receive creative ideas or hunches.  Wear a ruby to enhance your beauty.

On your right middle finger, wear amethyst to act on hunches correctly or to put your ideas into action.  Wear a ruby to appear on present yourself as beautiful.

amethyst ring


Your ring finger is associated with love (we all know that from wedding ring tradition) and with crative stimulus.

Wearing a diamond on your left ring finger enhances love ties.  Wearing an emerald will help you get new ideas.  Wearing a moonstone helps you combine what you love with creative ideas. 

On your right ring finger, tigers eye or ct’s eye will put creative insights into proper action.  turquoise will combine creative ideas with practical actions.  An opal will put your ideas into humanitarian goals and actions.

Your little finger is associated with change and opportunity.  You could wear aventurine on your left little finger to open doors and invite opportunity.  You could wear aventurine on your right little finger to act on new opportunities.

Of course, there are hundreds of different stones other than the ones I’ve used for examples.   These few just give you anidea of the difference between wearing one stone on your left hand and the same stone on your right corresponding finger.  Once you know what type of stone you need for your own life situation, then decide where to wear it.  

Confused?   Not surprising.   Ages ago, when the meanings of stones were more commonly known, the decision was easier.   These days, when stones are available to the masses, not just the ruling classes, much of that knowledge has been lost.   Tell you what.   Just for reading this blog, I’ll give you a free stone consultation.  Just email me, put blog consultation in the subject line and I’ll help you find the right stones for your situation.   There’s absolutely no obligation to buy any jewelry from me so don’t be shy.  Have some fun and find out what you need.


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