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Where O’ Wear?

Where you wear a stone is as important as which stone you wear.

Let’s talk about that.

The left side of your body is the most sensitive. It receives energy from outside sources and does it more quickly. It’s a good place to wear stones that reduce stress, like hematite or protective stones like agates or turquoise. They can act like a barrier to energy your body is receiving.

The right side is your action side. Wear stones that have the energy that you want to project out into the world, like carnelian, a success stone, or moonstone, a stone of confidence. Any of the eye stones are good for the right side. Eye stones help with making right decisions. Amazonite, the “woman” stone is a good stone for the right side for that “I am WOMAN” projection. Get the idea?

amazonite bracelet for confidence, ultimate femininity

What you wear around your neck affects your personality. Necklaces are powerful talismans for they surroumnd you with a circle of powerful energy, a magical protective circle. You will want to wear performance and self image stones. Ladies, if you want to see more beautiful, wear blue chalcedony. If you want to seem more loving and lovable, wear rose quartz. If you want to give the impression of wealth, and trustworthiness, wear pearls.

blue chalcedony, worn by Atlantean priestesses


Armbands were worn by ancient warriors to support their rank, their courage and strength. If you want to wear one, make it one that enhances your physique and wear steel for strength.

plain steel armbands with no stones

Earrings used to be a mark of slavery in ancient times. Stones at your ears generally have a beneficial effect. the exceptions are lapis and opals which can make you dizzy or spacey Jade is a good rejuvenation stone, rose quartz for beauty and peaarls for femininity, truth, elegance and wealth, sapphires stimulate wisdom and garnets for social acceptance.

dainty blue freshwater pearls

Here are some “Greek Key” earrings made with evil eye stones, a talisman of protection.

Greek Keys and evil eye talismans

Jeweled belts, belt buckles and belly chains affect your vitality and feelings of well-being. Try carnelians for mortivation, agates for energy, shells or jasper for balance, bloodstone for healing, for your heart and circulation.

Stones on your ankles provide physical support. Amethysts are good for fighting addictions, moonstones for self confidence. Wear a boot bracelet of jasper to ground you to reality.

You will notice that I didn’t cover any rings in this blog. Rings are a whole blog by themselves because each finger has its own story. (Your middle finger is not the only one that can say something).

Don’t care much for jewelry? Maybe it’s not practical to wear on the job. Tuck a stone into your pocket, mindful of which side you want to wear it on. Set a pretty stone on your desk at the office. Take care to choose whether it goes on the left or the right. Got a friend who needs a stone? Tuck one into a little gift bag. I make these out of that wired ribbon. You don’t even need to sew them.

stone pouches


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