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Metals 101

Before you learn which stones to wear for certain energies, it’s important to know which metals you need to enhance specific energies. Gold used to be the most popular metal because of its value and its color and also the fact that it doesn’t tarnish easily like silver. Gold may symbolize power, strength, wealth, warmth, happiness, love, hope, optimism, intelligence, justice, balance, perfection, summer, harvest and the sun.

Gold is a metal of the sun. If you set a stone in gold, you will have the best conductor of that stone’s energy. Gold is a high energy metal and stimulates and activates the actions of a stone. In a sense, it honors your gemstone to set it in gold.

Silver is the moon’s metal. It helps stabilize and secure a gemstone’s energy. It supports the energy of the stone rather than reinforce it. It encourages the personality of the gemstone rather than boost it. It’s considered a metal with the more feminine attributes


Enhance femininity and beauty


Copper acts like a conductor and helps the properties of the gem react with your body. It works best with stones that are high in copper content like turquoise, malachite and azurite

azurite set in copper


Brass or bronze is a gold subsitiute which is gaining popularity. Like copper, it strengthens the physical actions of the stones in which you set it. I’ve been working with Bronz Clay and made this piece.  I love the way I can get a patina with the bronze to set off the texture of the old dead tree.  I haven’t quite figured out how I”m going to hang this.  It doesn’t balance right the way I made it.  A thick cord was meant to go through the branch but then it doesn’t balance, it tilts.   I’ve got to come up with something unique.  SIGH.  Anyhow, it’s a good example of the “new gold”.

hauntlng night

Since the war in the Middle East, gold and silver prices have soared because these metals are in great demand in war time. The use of bronze, copper and now steel and aluminum are more common as they are much mujch cheaper. Aluminum is very soft however. When I use aluminum wire, I twist 2 pieces together to strengthen the wire. Aluminum has an advantage. It has a lasting shine. It also can easily be mistaken for silver.

Of course, it is totally unethical to make something of aluminum and sell it as silver. But you, as the person wearing the piece, do not have to volunteer the fact that your jewelry is not silver. I never do. I have an exceptionally nice chain of aluminum that I have had for 40 years. It’s been mistaken many times by young men who wear lots of bling for a platinum chain. They do not know how to tell the difference. The only time I ever volunteered the fact that it was aluminum was a night when I was all alone at the cashier counter and three youngbloods were making a point of asking about that chain. I was sure I was going to be robbed and I was real quick to make sure they knew it was NOT silver or platinum at all.

Steel is becoming popular for modern jewelry. Steel is a metal that give you strength and support and that may be another reason it is becoming popular in these difficult times. People may instinctively be reaching for more strength. I’ve been playing with steel a little. I like the strength of it for bracelets. Here is a steel Raja bangle wrapped over with aluminum wire. I photographed it with my silver rings. Hard to tell the difference unless you get up close and personal, isn’t it? (This isn’t a great picture. It was pretty hard to take with one hand.)

aluminum and steel combined in bangle


Here’s a closeup of the bracelet by itself.

raja bangle with green beads


I like the fact that steel can be forged and takes to a pattern really well. I made these earrings out of steel washers from the hardware store. Don’t they look primitive?


These are some I made from some gear-like washers I found at the hardware store. They’ve got a sort of “steampunk” flavor.

steampunk "gears"


Now we’ve learned the metaphysical properties of metals.  You can make informed choices when you choose what to wear.  There are a lot of variations in each metal.  Gold can be anywhere from 24 carat which is the most pure to 10 carat.  Gold is sold as gold mil, gold plated and gold filled.   Silver can be 99.9 or 92.5.  Other products sold as silver are “german silver”, “nickel silver”, mexican silver, alpaca, silver plate and silver mil.   Know what you are buying, especially if you buy online.   The differences between these can be found by going to wikipedia.


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