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My BFF gave me a gift card for JoAnn’s for my birthday.   Could hardly wait for a time to go spend my card cash!   My daughter and I took a trip to the JoAnn’s superstore.  I had good intentions of getting a jump start on making gifts for “that time of the year”  BUT I never left the bead aisle.   I’m so bad!

Just wanted to show off my loot!

Here's the pile!

 Of course, a couple of these things just begged to go together after I played around with the pile.

This wild shell and the textured copper chain……..well, talk about your bold and beautiful!

and….the matte black chain and this textured piece of metal…..’nuff said.

not so heavy metal


but, the yellow and black beads?????  What am I going to do with them?   And these black and white beads…….well, I bought some funky little silver color beads that seemed to have the same tint, but that’s not enough for me.   I’ve got to find something else to go with them.   I do love a challenge!


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