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Sticking Your Neck Out

When you add jewelry to an outfit, you’ve got to consider the neckline of whatever you’re wearing before you add a necklace.   Before you even think about color, take a look at the style.   If your dress or top has a round neck, your necklace should echo the line of the garment.   It shouldn’t crowd the neckline either.   If the neckline is low, or the outfit is dressier you can wear something like this.

Howlite, hematite and silver

Three tier howlite and hematite necklace


If your outfit is more casual, don’t be dramatic.   A simple round necklace and a round pendant will emphasize the shape of the neck.

Green chalk turquoise

Dangly earrings with a round neck are a no-no.   Earrings should reflect the curve.

Loop de loop earrings


V-neck tops or dresses are perfect to show off beautiful pendants and dangles.  Keep the focus in the front.

Maybe you’re not a girl who likes big dangly things.   You can still show off a pendant.  This small purple goldstone pendant would showcase beautifully with a V-neck top.

Faceted purple goldstone pendant


Or, if you like the bold and the beautiful, try something like this blue glass heart.

Glass Heart

Glass heart pendant


Love turtlenecks?   What can you wear with them?   First, make sure that you don’t crowd the neckline.  Stick with necklaces that are longer than 16 inches.   If you wear a necklace that is too short with a turtleneck, you will look like you are choking yourself.

'nuff said

Also, keep your earrings shorter for the same reasons.   Long dangly earrings with a turtleneck will make you live up to the name of your garment.

You’ve got a lot of room for display with a turtleneck.  Use bold colors or bold pieces.  Sport some glitz and sparkle. 


Or, wear shapes that stand out on the fabric.

Blue chalcedony heart on silver chain


Bare shoulders:   there goes the focus!!!  Right off your face and down to your ample bosom (or lack thereof).   Whatever the case, before you decide what to do with all this space, remember what else you’ve learned in the last post about the shape of your face and what to do about that.  

Then, think about the length of your neck.   Is it too long for your taste and you want to minimize it? 


Then don’t wear a long chain with a pendant that drops down.   Wear something that distracts from the length by bringing the focus closer to your face.

Sunset moth

This simple mother of pearl moth on velvet cord would take the emphasis off a too long neck.   I would also detract from a lack in the bustline by bringing the focus back toward your face.  On a really dressy dress, a single strand of pearls would do the same.  Or play with a short strand of chunky beads.

Got some big assests you want to show off?   Pick a striking pendant on a simple chain and let it drop.   This moonstone teardrop calls attention in a calm quiet way.

Rainbow moonstone

And ladies, you still are not done!   Don’t forget to consider the color of the dress before you make that final decision.   If it’s a solid color, you can go either way, same color or dramatic contrast.   If it’s a pretty summery cotton print, pick a color in the dress, one that might enhance the color of your eyes and echo that color at your neck and ears and maybe on your wrists.  
Oh, I just love being a girl, don’t you?

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  1. Are you selling on this site? I like that blue glass heart and the chalcedony pendant.


    Comment by Dee | April 17, 2010 | Reply

    • I’m not sure if I can sell from this site. I set it up to help people out, just for fun and to let people know that I am out here. I plan on setting up a website at Artfire over the next couple of weeks. I can email you the price on the glass heart and on the chalcedony. And, you wanted to know about stone lore and what to wear. I can tell you that the blue chalcedony is a great stone for helping you to feel beautiful. Lore has it that it was worn by priestesses of Atlantis to help them get in touch with their feminine side. I have worn blue chalcedony and I know it works. I had strangers come up to me and tell me how “pretty you look today”. When you are over 55, that means a lot!


      Comment by stregajewellry | April 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. One more thing, how about letting us know which stones to wear for what?


    Comment by Dee | April 17, 2010 | Reply

    • I’ve plans to to more blogging about what to wear for different life situations. I had also planned on letting people know that they can email me at and get a free “stone consultation”. They just have to use BSC1313 in the subject code. And there is no obligation to buy from me either. But it would be nice! LOL


      Comment by stregajewellry | April 18, 2010 | Reply

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