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Let’s Face It

For the past week or so, I’ve been involved in a ‘net thing called Yahoo Answers.   Anyone can go there and ask a question.  Other folks try their best to give a good answer based on experience or what they have learned elsewhere.   Well, most people try anyhow.  Once in a while you get someone who just wants to make a wisecrack or come down on someone else.   I, of course was interested to know what people were asking about jewelry.  I was amazed to find a large number of posts that linked to a picture of a dress and asked “what kind of jewelry should I wear with this?”   Guess I thought everyone just “knew” what looked good on them.   Gave me a whole new perspective on what I might blog about.   I thought that I ought to get back to basics and talk about first things first.

If you are going to choose jewelry for yourself, the first thing you should think about is not the outfit itself, but what looks good with your birthday suit.   That’s right.  Start with what you were born with.  Your face is the first and foremost place.   What shape is it?   You want the pieces you choose to make the best of the features you already have or to minimize any “faults” you might find with your looks.

Ladies, if you have a round face choose jewelry that slims, pieces that create the illusion of length.   Pick a piece with a strong focal point.  Or go for square stones.  I’m going to include some pictures so you can visualize better what I am saying.  

MOP Rectangle

Mother of Pearl Rectangle

This piece would be really great.   The cord is simple fiber, slim and weightless and the rectangular shape draws the eye downward.  

How about earrings like these?   They are long and dangly and the rectangles draw the eye downward as the shape takes away from the roundness of the face.

"Don't Be Square" Earrings in lime

If you have a heart shaped face, you want to give the illusion of width to your jawline.  Wear a necklace with a strong horizontal line or wear chunky beads.  The best earring type is a triangular style and not too long.  This necklace of rutilated quartz might be a bit too fancy for your taste (or not, if you like bold and beautiful) but it gives you an idea of the chunky beads I’m talking about. 

Rutilated Quartz

Notice how that centerpiece widens out at the bottom.   That will draw the eye outward, just where you want it to go, away from the point of your chin.  

If your face is square, you want to wear curvy earrings and a curvy necklace that draws the eye downward, making your jawline appear longer, not wider.   Try something like this jasper necklace.  It curves gently, then takes they eye downward and curves again.

Double Jasper Pendant

If your face is shaped more rectangular than square, keep the focus closer to your face, but still keep the curve.   This blue chalcedony necklace is shorter and has a curvy shape that would look good. 

Blue Chalcedony

If you have an oval face, you’ve got the ideal shape for any style.  Lucky you!   Feel free to play with combinations of shape and texture.   Check out this turquoise necklace, round beads, square beads, chunky beads and an odd shaped focal bead of silver.   Anything goes!

Funky Turquoise

Okay, that about covers the basics on faces.   Next time, we’ll move a little farther down and talk about necklines.


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